Dianda Azani, M.Psi., Psikolog

Psychotherapy Package – 4 session


After you understand problems and get bigger picture through assessment, this time you will go through more routine treatment, called Psychological Therapy or Psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is done to get new pattern of thoughts and feelings, also train self skill to handle problems you deal with. In emotional problem you might need skills to handle heavy emotion first by evaluating negative thoughts, using relaxation skills or rearrange daily routine. For spouse or parenting problems, you might need coaching to enhance your communication / interaction skills.

Dianda use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) or combine it with Expressive Art Therapy which have good efectivity in handling cases through different media (online or offline)


  • Click the link below to purchase and schedule session:
  • Choose “Psychologist”, service “Psychotherapy Package – 4 session” , choose schedule and do payment.
  • Confirm your purchasing to admin via chat
  • If you choose online session, the link for virtual meeting will be send through chat/email before the session start.

You will get:

  • 60 to 75 minutes duration/session using English language
  • 4 routine scedule (weekly or biweekly meeting)
  • Counseling companion journal (Via Gdocs)
  • Online evaluation session (optional)

Purchasing and other information:

  • Finish payment in this page
  • Confirm payment to admin
  • Book schedule for 4 times in schedule link

Terms and condition for offline session:

  • Arrive on time, minimum 5 minutes before schedule
  • Maximum body temperature is 36,5 C

Other Information:

  • Arrival delay will be count as session duration
  • Cancellation in scheduled day will be count as reschedule
  • Reschedule in scheduled time (max 15 minutes after session schedule) will be charged Rp.75.000,-


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